How to Improve a project

Improving a project involves, trying to be professional, Here is what i do

Continuous Learning

Divide your time with the following equation

168 hours in a week= 40 (for employer) + 20 (to sharpen ones skills) + 56 (for sleep) + 52 (for the rest)

Spend 20 hours a week sharpening your skills, Here is what i try to learn/practice.

  • Coding Conventions
  • 3Ds (Design Patterns + Design principles+ Disciplines)
  • Katas

Humble Confrontation

Confrontation is really required for the team to grow and come up with innovative ideas, it may increase knowledge sharing. However the confrontation should be in a humble manner, the moment it crosses that boundary the team is heading towards being divided into pieces.

  • Always ask questions and be humble.

Try to Improve Code Base in Small Steps

We should stick to the statement

Don’t comment the bad code rewrite it

I daily encounter with people who says lots of  bad things about their project, but don’t have the courage to improve it and to make the matter worst they never do their work in an elegant way, this kind of people should be handled in a special way.

  • Don’t commit the mistakes that have been done before
  • Try to stick on what has been done in awesome++ manner
  •  Do not check in with out refactoring and test cases.
  • Don’t sacrifice the quality only for the sake of speedy delivery (Project may have negative impact afterwards)
  • Always keep in mind two things CHANGE + MAINTAINIBALITY

Get The Big Picture Before Starting Any Task

  • Clarify all the questions up front.
  • Analyse the impact both inward and outward
  • Discuss with the people who know, don’t be shy 😉
  • Keep posting to the people who are concerned.

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